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A complete Guide how to Win Coca Cola Scholarship

History of Coca Cola Scholarship

In 1986 the leadership of coca cola bottling industry makes a plan of coca cola scholarship for funding the intelligent students, who have willing for graduating but have not proper resources. Coca cola finical gift is for supporting the exceptional young students .

First time, 150 students who won the scholarship receives four year funding of graduation. Authorities categorize scholarship scheme first 50 students get the award of 20000$ per year and 200 students gets 10000$ award per year.

But for now they choose 150 fresh students for graduation and awarded with 20000$ scholarships.

The whole system control by a foundation known as coca cola scholar’s foundation (CCSF). The purpose of this foundation is to bring new young talent who can serves the community positively.

Overall this foundation provides the 3.4 million dollar scholarships to 1400 students annually. 73,000,000 dollar scholarships were awarded since from the begging of this program.

The purpose of coca cola scholarship not only help the students but to bring a broad minded young talented students who can change the shape of world positively.

What type of scholarships offered by coca cola scholar’s foundation (CCSF)?  

CCFS offered three type of scholarships which are given below

Coca cola scholars’ scholarship: 150 scholars win the award of $20000. Applicants must have 3GPA from high school exam.

Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise: $10000 amount awarded to 180 scholars.

Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team:  Categorize into 3 categories.

  1. Gold Category awarded with $1500 to 50 scholars.
  2. Silver Category awarded with $1250 to 50 scholars.
  3. Bronze Category awarded with $1000 to 50 scholars.

 Eligibility Criteria for Coca Cola Scholarship

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria in order to apply for coca cola scholarship

  1. Applicant have United States citizenship
  2. Student must have last degree or diploma from high school of United States.
  3. In last degree student must have at least 3.00 GPA.

Applicant may not be

  1. Applicants who are applying for coca cola scholarship are not the children or grandchildren of any officer or employ who are working in coca cola or any other division.
  2. Temporary citizen.

Application procedure for Coca Cola Scholarship

The application procedure for coca cola scholarship is given below

  1. From 1st of August 2018 to 31st of October 2018 is the duration in which students can apply for this scholarship. No application will entertain after 31st
  2. Apply directly through website of CCFS.
  3. The citizen of United States can apply for this scholarship.
  4. Students who enrolled in current year can apply.
  5. Only married base students will be entertain.
  6. Contact at 1-800-306-2653 Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Selection Criteria for Coca Cola Scholarship

More than 100000 applicants apply for coca cola scholarship from different states of America. The selection criteria involve in different steps which are given below.

  1. In 1st round only 2000 candidates are selected to go to in next round.
  2. In 2nd round a writing competition held and only 250 applicants are selected as finalist
  3. After this 250 finalist are called for an interview and best 150 were selected as an award winner.

The award winning candidates were invited to join a party at Leadership development institute in Atlanta. Where the meet with coca cola scholars, visit the local landmarks and join the community groups.

Information you must collect before Apply

You must need the following information which we will provide below in order to apply for coca cola scholarship.

Transcript:  When you are submitting application just put the grades rather than to upload or email them.

Contact Details: Provide the exact contact information at the time when you are applying.

Certifications: Awards which you have won must mention in your application.

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