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About Local Post Office Information

About Local Post Office Information

Every day we send and receive mails through post office. Actually the local post Office made people work easier and saves time and money, like in old days when there is no concept of post office mostly mails and massage are send physically by the sender but now a day local post office do it for you. All the local post offices work under the USPS and now USPS is well developed and well managed department of US government. With the passage of time the population of US increase so with the increase of population US government take steps to make government department even better than before. Now a day USPS provide the following services to make people work easier and reliable with full of trust.


The main Services of Local Post office under USPS:

  1. Free Signup and get instant access.
  2. Change of mailing address online or visit local post office to avail this service.
  3. Get Mail Hold service online or visit Local post office to avail this service.

In order to get information about local post office by state like Cupertino post office where it is located and want to know more about services like Cupertino post office hours etc.

Also the insurance Services are now available on different mail service if the mail package is damaged or misplaced then the sender can claim the insurance by providing the mail details according to rules and regulation of USPS.

Now Sender can also use restricted service of USPS. In this service only that person receive mail which is mentioned by the sender no other can receive the mail.

Mail Hold service is used when receiver is on vacations and can’t get the mail or you can use temporary mail address to receive mail.


In order to know more about the local post office by state you may go to USPS website



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